Take Five: Amber Liu’s Top Five Songs To Dance/Rock Out To

Written by Clodagh Mangan on 6th March, 2024
Take Five: Amber Liu’s Top Five Songs To Dance/Rock Out To

Continuing with our celebration of incredible female artists this International Women's Day, we're stoked to sit down with global pop superstar Amber Liu! Hailing from California, Amber is a singer-songwriter and rapper known for her infectious electronic dance and K-pop influenced bangers. From being discovered at age 15 at SM Entertainment's global auditions in LA, she moved to South Korea and debuted as a member of the female K-pop group f(x). Now Amber is taking the music scene by storm as a solo artist and we're thrilled to have her share her top five songs to dance and rock out to!

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Words by Amber Liu

Sometimes there are just those songs, and when you hear them, you start bobbing to them. And that feeling is infectious. I just want to share, whether you are with someone or alone, the top 5 songs that I like to play and blow some steam with.

Treasure by Bruno Mars

You can't help vibing out to a Bruno record. This song no matter what mood I'm in, this song just makes me feel happy. It didn't matter if I heard this song out grabbing groceries or even at a club when Treasure came on, it was always a good time. I've seen so many choreography pieces to this song as well, there's so much small fun musicality that choreographers have made awesome moves too. Or if two stepping is your thing, this is a great song to two step to haha!

Misery Business by Paramore

When those strings start in the intro and the lead guitar rift hits you know what it is. This song has just been one of those songs in my friend group where we just scream the chorus because there's no other way to sing it. We stan Paramore here in the Amber camp.

Phoenix by Netrum, Halvorsen

I came across this song randomly on a playlist. I just love the intro, it makes me feel like I'm a video game and I've got an invincibility item. And now you're just plowing through the enemy at 10x speed. When you get to that last hook..you get a KEY CHANGE! Gotta love a key change.

happy im by UMI

OK hear me out, this is a GREAT song to dance to with someone you like. Just holding them, swaying back and forth and just gazing at each other. You know those, butterfly feels. This was a song I used a lot of prepping for partner work, it's soothing and it really gets you in the zone. ONE DAY, it will be for real for me, but for all you couples out there, you're welcome XD.

Adult by Sasha Alex Sloan

The lyrics of this song just hit hard. Even though Sasha's singing it beautifully, I tend to yell the lyrics. I swear my friends who are hearing it for the first time laugh at how I'm so into the song cause "BEING AN ADULT IS F***ING HARD!" Then sometime after I hear them singing it under their breath and then sing in unison.